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Topic Selection


Before you write an article, ask yourself a few simple questions. Are you covering something with mass appeal? Will your article pertain to professionals in only a certain career industry, or everyone?  Is your topic newsworthy with the latest buzz topics?  What’s the lifespan of your article? Will your topic be outdated by next spring?

Obviously, you can’t expect every article you write to “speak to” millions of people. But by tailoring your approach to reach the most people possible, with keeping your content without an expiration date, you’ll increase its overall value. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write on the business tips slated in The Apprentice, but it’s probably not a good idea to write on this year’s season end episode of The Apprentice.


Article Length


Give the readers something to really sink their teeth into.  The ideal article length is between 300 and 500 words. There may be cases where this word limit does not apply and articles will be shorter or longer, but this is when you know you’ve got something to work with.  Plus a majority of well researched articles on the site fall in this range.


Spelling, Grammar and Personality


Spell check your articles before submission.  Always keep in mind the importance of quality writing. You don’t have to be Hemingway with your prose, but attention to detail is critical to getting your point across and communicating clearly to the reader. Lightly research your topics, keep a dictionary by your side, and try to get an extra pair of eyes to look it over also before submission.  Then, always remember to write, “as yourself”.  No need for professionally stiff articles here.  You want to make a joke?  Crack us up…




People want pictures.  We don’t know… it’s just prettier!  While your written prose is quite lovely, the demands of the average net user are becoming more diverse.  GroundLevelStar’s writer form allows easy upload of high resolution images to quickly add visual aids where possible. And FYI, recent site research has revealed that articles WITH images perform, on average, far better than articles without them.


Search-ability and SEO


When you write your articles, we want everyone to see and find them.  'Find' being the key word here.  So when you title your articles, add keywords and write a brief description, think about search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Use common words and phrases that you would search for to find the information in your article. This basic concept is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And if you write "SEO smart", more people can find your articles on the internet.  And that means more traffic for your written artistry.





Now, mind you…we are in Beta form, so our writing process is not perfect nor perfectly seamless.  So for any problems or questions, give us a holler, and let us know what's up.


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