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Tools - Think of Tools as anything external from your body.  Hand held devices, software, gadgets.  You know the deal. 

Skills - Think of Skills as any quality relating to your intellect. You know, the desired mindful qualifications that every job description desires.  Being 'committed', 'analytical', or 'detail oriented' among others.



Check out our library of informative articles on Job Skills and Career Tools any ambitious professional can use.  Read the Tips and Tricks sections for new insights on old Tools.

List of Featured Tools:
Adobe Photoshop Blackberry Business Card Scanner Digital Graphics Tablet Digital Voice Recorder Dreamweaver External Drive FileMaker Pro Firefox Flash Drives G1 | HTC Dream Google Talk Internet Bookmarks Internet Explorer Label Maker Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Word Quickbooks Safari Yahoo Messenger

List of Featured Skills:
Active Listening Analytical Client Oriented Committed Competitive Customer Service Decision Making Detail Oriented Energetic Fast Paced Flexibility Goal Driven Good Communication Initiative Interpersonal Leadership Management Multitasking Positive Attitude Presentation Problem Solving Reliability Sales Oriented Team Player Tech Savvy

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