Microsoft Excel

“Spreadsheet software that makes numbers bearable.”


Microsoft Excel is a crazy powerful spreadsheet program that you can use for just about anything with storing, organizing and manipulating data.  That’s why folks from Timbuktu to just down the street use it every day in their offices and the like.  Master the ins and outs of Excel and you will find it is a productivity necessity for any business.

Spreadsheets can be as big or as small as you need them to be.  Basically, spreadsheets are just a digital rectangular grid of rows and columns.  Each of which are made up of cells.  Can you imagine?  MS Excel’s spreadsheet capabilities go all the way up to 1 million rows and 16,000 columns.  Now that is a mondo-spreadsheet! 

So what’s a cell exactly?  A cell is those individual boxes in the spreadsheet.  Each cell of a spreadsheet is easily formatted for text or numbers.  You can turn ordinary numbers into currency, dates, percentages and more just from the selecting them in Format.  Also plug in Formulas into specific cell areas to do calculations of lots of number and text with ease.  And there’s even a Formula Auto Complete function that clues you in on these intimidating calculations.  

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