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"Internet Bookmarking is an easy way of tracking the most important websites to your business."


Internet Bookmarking is a means of storing your favorite webpage links so you may visit them laater. How this is done depends on your web browser whether it be Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox. It usually involves visiting a webpage, then clicking the Bookmarks tab and clicking "Add Bookmark" to save the page. As you add them, you can re-name and categorize the links by grouping them into your created Bookmark folders. Search functions help by letting you scan your Bookmarks for a particular website.

Tips and Tricks


Exporting Bookmarks - Decided to switch browsers and want to take your Bookmarks with you? Export them into an HTML file from your original browser and import them into your new one.

Organize Your Bookmarks - You can waste time by hunting through a long list of Bookmarks for a particular website, or simply organize them via folders. This can be extremely useful to any job. Try making specific folders to categorize each webpage you save. Name folder "Clients," "Providers," "Suppliers," "Office" and "Personal." Huge timesaver. Just grab the link and click and drag to their correct folder.

Online Bookmarking - You can choose to save your Bookmarks on a special bookmarking website instead. These sites are free and easy to use. Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Technorati are just some examples you can explore.  
Social Bookmarking - Online bookmarking also lets you share your Bookmarks with millions of other internet users. You can also add brief descriptions to the Bookmarks and tag them with keywords so that other readers can search them. This is called social bookmarking, and has proven useful for popularizing websites, services, and even companies by gathering links to your favorite sites.


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