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The painless way of organizing your business contacts.


 A Business Card Scanner is an amazing tool for organizing contacts.  It's easy enough to keep track of a handful of business cards. But for firms that gather hundreds or even thousands of them over the years, organizing them all can be a secretarial nightmare. Even worse, you may lose some cards in the shuffle.
Rather than wasting time hunting for the right contact, you can opt to organize them digitally through a business card scanner. These devices not only store digital images of the business cards, they use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to record contact information. OCR is a technology that translates images of text into computer text. This way, you can store the names, numbers and addresses of your contacts in digital files and copy them to your applications when needed.
Good brands of scanners can read 600 cards an hour, including the front and back of the card, all in full color. Compared to manually inputting contact details into a database, a business card scanner can save companies enormous amounts of time while maintaining an accurate record of their contact details. 

Tips and Tricks
Business card scanners usually have several compatible programs that complement their usefulness and are bundled with the hardware. Here are some of them...
Scan to Email – Using OCR, the scanner can send contact information from the business card, such as the name and email addresses, to the correct fields in your email application. This can save email marketers a good amount of time.
Scan to Web Application – The scanner can recognize contact information and send it directly to the correct fields in your web form. Very useful for data-entry personnel who are building a database of current and prospective clients.
Language Settings – Is your contact Japanese, Chinese, or Korean? Certain scanner versions are compatible with non-English languages and will come in handy for these occasions.

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