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“Practical image editing software, vital to any office.” 


Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed by Adobe Systems. Initially released only for Macintosh computers, Photoshop is currently available on various operating systems such as Windows, Apple and Unix.


When Photoshop launched in 1990, it introduced a very specific workflow and set of tools that continue to be used today. These powerful tools have made this program a favorite for graphics arts professionals, designers, businessmen, students and most average professionals.  Photoshop has become so popular that the name itself has seeped into everyday language—to “shop” an image is to manipulate it with Photoshop.


Whatever graphic effect you need or can imagine, it’s possible to create it with Photoshop. Given the number of tools in its arsenal – Crop, Brighten, Hue, Saturation, Border, you name it – there are, most likely, several ways to create the same effect. Moreover, since its launch, numerous instruction books, courses, communities, and websites have sprung up, all in support of Photoshop users. 



Tips and Tricks


Create Your Look – From letterheads to advertisements, calling cards to logos, Photoshop’s wide range of abilities allow one to make, edit, and enhance any graphical item you need.


Edit With Ease – Photoshop uses a layer system workflow, where a single file, a ‘.psd’, can have several “layers” of graphics or text edits piled together.  This is ideal, for instance, if you are a graphics artist creating several logo studies for a client.  It allows for editing the image simply within a layer rather than erasing back to an edit and starting over from scratch repeated times.


Plug-Ins – Aside from Photoshop’s in-house tools, there are thousands of third-party plug-ins (both free and for sale) that further amp up this program’s capabilities. and are great resources for this.


Support – Photoshop is used in such a wide variety of industries and projects that its support system—forums, books, online courses, blogs, etc—is considerable. is also one such website that offers tons of tutorials and resources. 



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