"Make designing websites a snap with this handy web development tool."


Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development application that aims to simplify the process of designing webpages. Dreamweaver works on either Windows or Mac systems  and supports existing technologies including Javascript, CSS, PHP and many more. Dreamweaver is such a popular tool that it has been translated into many languages and has several plug-ins to extend its basic functionalities.


What makes Dreamweaver so attractive is that anyone can use it, even without knowing basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the code used to make webpages. Beginners have the option to hide the code markings, letting them input text and graphics without having to enter the HTML code. Intermediate to advanced users can choose to view and enter code as is, giving them larger control of what appears on the webpage.


Another additional feature of Dreamweaver is that it can easily recognize the syntax of different codes and will highlight them for you in various colors. This makes your code easier to read and edit.


Dreamweaver is built for usability and practicality. Whether you're a professional web designer building an entire site or just a novice designing a single web ad, you'll want your hands on this powerful web development tool.



Tips and Tricks


Build Templates – Creating templates in Dreamweaver can really save you time and effort. If your site has several pages and you need to edit an element, say a graphic or a link, you would have to edit all the pages that have this particular feature. But with templates, any changes made will reflect on all your designed webpages.


Add-Ons and Customization – Adobe Dreamweaver is open to third-party extensions, which add more functionality to its core program. Cartweaver, for example, adds shopping carts to your webpage, a perfect extension if you're building an online store.  Or already have an existing website and just want to alter its look?  Download Triangle, a Dreamweaver plug-in that lets you import your site into Dreamweaver for editing. No need to start from scratch!



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