FileMaker Pro

“Databases galore.


FileMaker Pro is a powerful database tool developed by FileMaker, Inc. With FileMaker Pro you can easily create a database for contacts, clients, employees, inventory, reports, to-do lists and so much more. Initially developed for Macs, FileMaker can now run on Windows and has been translated into several major languages.


FileMaker Pro's advantage over other database applications is that its user-interface is already the form you need to access your database.  This function makes it super simple for beginners and the “database-challenged”.  And customizing forms is simple by just dragging and dropping in new elements.  This allows for easy transformation of templates from contacts to invoices or anything else you need.


Given its ease of use and versatile applications, FileMaker Pro is the tool of choice for those who want a quick way to customize their database and reports.



Tips and Tricks


Import Data – If you already have spreadsheets filled with data and you’re dreading the transfer process, don’t worry.  You don't have to encode it into FileMaker Pro. Simply import your Excel or Bento file in File Maker’s Quick Start screen, and you can begin fitting your data into a template of your choice.


Reports – You can easily transform your database into either a PDF or Excel file, or create customized reports using the built-in Layout/Report Assistant tool. This is an excellent way to track your monthly sales performance and other essential metrics.


Go Online – Need to find out what your customers think of your products?  You can use File Maker to create online forms and publish them on the web. With a few clicks you can make registration, survey and customer feedback forms and a lot more.



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