Digital Graphics Tablet

“Create more flexibility in your graphic projects or simply use this alternative input device for everyday work.”


A Digital Graphics Tablet, also called a digital tablet or drawing tablet, is an electronic input device that can be used as an alternative to a computer mouse or trackball. It consists of a flat surface and a separate stylus (a drawing instrument that looks like a pen). When used, the pen is dragged upon the surface and movement is picked up and displayed on the computer monitor.


However, there are now other tablets that come with stylus-sensitive screens.


Graphics tablets are used by graphic artists and designers, plus gaming and multimedia professionals and the like.  They are used because the device provides a more natural feel to using a mouse or trackball in navigating and inputting data and images into a computer.  Not to mention the greater control and flexibility it gives users in hand-drawing graphics.


If you're used to handling a mouse, it certainly takes some getting used to, but once learned many users never go back to using mice or trackballs.



Tips and Tricks


“Sign” On the Dotted Line – A digital graphics tablet makes it possible to create a digital version of your signature, making it easy to “sign” digital documents and email them without printing a single sheet. Very useful when you're traveling and need to sign documents quickly.


Custom Graphic Creation – Having a tablet means having the ability to make more unique, freeform graphics you can add into collaterals or other documents.


Touch and Trace – Some graphics tablets have built-in clear panels that allow one to slide a photo or graphic underneath and then use the stylus to “trace” the image.  A highly useful tool provided by the device.



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