Internet Explorer

“Despite being 15 years old, Internet Explorer has yet to show its age thanks to Microsoft's continuous improvements”


Internet Explorer is Microsoft's very own web browser, and the default browser of the Windows OS. Because Internet Explorer comes free with all supported versions of Windows, IE is one of the most widely-used, if not the most widely-used, web browser today.


Internet Explorer does all the basic functions of a web browser—it lets you surf the web, bookmark sites, download files, and save individual webpages. IE has one advantage over other browsers, though: because it is already comes bundled with Windows, you don't have to install it  in every workstation in your office. That's a great time-saver if you happen to have hundreds of computers in your company. Moreover, Windows provides patches and new versions of IE for download, ensuring that each copy of the browser stays up-to-date.


Thanks to Microsoft's support, Internet Explorer has become a great tool for surfing the web that improves itself over time.



Tips and Tricks


Group Policy –  Say you want to prevent access to certain sites, set starting pages, or control ActiveX settings for hundreds of computers in your office. Sounds like a daunting task, but not if you use IE's Group Policy feature to create universal settings. From here you can provide bookmarks, block some unwanted functions, or even change the homepage.


Exporting Bookmarks – Transferring to another computer or web browser? Take your favorite weblinks with you by exporting your IE bookmarks into an HTML file. You can then import them to the browser you'll be using.


Patch System – If you're a Windows administrator overseeing a large number of machines, WSUS (Windows Software Update Services) will be your best friend. This tool lets you manage patches, allowing you to quickly and easily deploy them across a corporate network.



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