Label Maker

A label here, a label there.  Makes a difference.  Put some order to the craze.
Label Makers are a convenient way for marking and categorizing items in your office. Generally, these tools print out text on one side of an adhesive label or tag, which can then be stuck on wherever they're needed.
There are different kinds of label makers. The manual types are hand-held devices that emboss text on colored tape. Nowadays, most label makers are the electronic kind that use ink and have a keyboard, a miniature screen, and a printing cartridge. While more expensive, they can save time by speeding up the printing of tags.  Plus they are quicker and more flexible in styling.
Whatever kind you pick up, labelmakers are very useful for an office or a small business setting. The great thing is that the more items you have, the more convenient and organized these tools become.

Tips and Tricks
Label Products – Sales and manufacturing companies cannot do without a decent label maker. If you want to track your inventory, get an electronic label maker that can print barcodes, like the Zebra Desktop


Label Folders and Storage Items – Organize folders, cabinets, and storage boxes by sticking on the appropriate labels. You won't have to spend time hunting for the right box for the files you need.


Names and Addresses – Label makers are also useful for printing out names and addresses. Use them to make name tags so that people can have an easier time identifying each other during meetings and conferences.  And rather than writing addresses on envelopes, you can print out labels with names and addresses and then just stick them on. 


Software – Many label makers come with their own software.  Brady HandiMark Handheld Printers have the Versalabel software which syncs the device to your PC for personal label designing.   Also the list of third party softwares are endless for added functionality.  SmartCodeStudio (Community Edition) allows you to design your own barcodes.  And for personalized, stylish labels, try using free software like Belltech.  The list is endless.



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