Digital Voice Recorder

“Make note-taking effortless and efficient with this smartly portable device.


A Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) is a handy gadget that can both record voice memos and play them back as audio files. DVRs are usually pocket-sized for easy portability, and are available in a number of capacities, from as small as 256MB to as large as 2GB. Some even have expandable memory—which means one can use additional memory cards or chips for extra storage.


DVRs are preferable to traditional tape voice recorders, as there is no fussing with tapes or a need to rewind any recorded memos. One can play or search through taped memos. Usually voice memos are saved with date and time stamps for easy reference.


Depending on their price points, DVRs can come with various other functions, such as the ability to move, edit, delete, or organize voice memos to different folders. Higher-end DVRs can come with USB ports to easily transfer voice memos to a computer for easy storage, or even special software that can convert these voice memos to transcribed text files.



Tips and Tricks


Take Your Own Dictation – Have any thoughts brewing and no paper or pen nearby? Having a DVR means you can instantly record and save brilliant ideas as they come. Handy for brainstorming any idea with speed and clarity.


Smart Notes – If you’re going to a meeting, conference, or convention, having a digital audio recorder means you can take verbatim notes that you can instantly play back for review, or save to a computer to go over at a later date.

With a DVR on hand, you never have to worry about pen and paper. Note-taking is just a touch of a button.



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