“Accounting has never been so easy since QuickBooks came along.”


With more than 80% market share, Intuit's QuickBooks is easily the most widely-used small business accounting software around. It's not just that it's easy to understand and use; QuickBooks is actually designed as an accounting software for people who have little to no accounting background at all. How can you not love that?


As a result, it provides a wealth of advantages for the average professional. QuickBooks can help most any user create financial statements and reports, track expenses, sales and inventory, and so much more.   In fact, QuickBooks is so widely used in many offices that it’s often a job requirement to at least be proficient in the software.  So if you’re needing to do any accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, financial reports and projections, and especially budgets of any kind with your job, this is usually the software to date.  



Tips and Tricks


Just Ask – Have a question? Want to know new and creative ways to use Quick Books? Join Intuit's discussion forums and learn all you can about their accounting software. You can also read one of the many Quick Books wikis already established online.


Don't Tax Yourself – Need your taxes done quickly?  Simply email your Quick Books file to your accountant, and 9 times out of 10, they’ll know just what to do with them.  Really!  Everything is automatically organized for easy tax bracket access. 


Third-Party Applications – The “third-party’s the charm”.  Just kidding.  No, seriously. There are hundreds of existing third-party apps for Quick Books.  Just explore and select the right one for you.  Record time-based billing for your business with BigTime. Useful for professionals like lawyers and consultants.  On the flip side, for time-based work recording, great for pay tracking of hourly employees, Electronic Time Sheet System (ETSS) – is a great answer.  And calculate sales commissions with QcommissionInvaluable for any sales-based firm.


Whether you're an accounting newbie or a CPA, QuickBooks is an indispensable tool for keeping your business in the black.



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