“Organize your life and never be incommunicado again with this incredible smartphone.


The BlackBerry is a mobile smartphone developed by Canadian based Research In Motion. Besides being a mobile phone, it has extensive text message, calendar/date book, address book, and to-do list functions. Its greatest strength?  Email on the go.  Send and receive.  Can we say perfection?  And it’s a breeze too.  Once a user’s email is configured into the device, they are able to access messages as they come in.


The latest BlackBerry devices even have new functions such as built-in video and digital cameras, WiFi and Bluetooth.  Even more options to communicate with! These extras, plus many third-party applications, make the BlackBerry an indispensable and often favorite tool in the business professional’s world.



Tips and Tricks


Push Email – This is the Black Berry’s genius ability to send and receive email instantly. If your work keeps you on the move, this smartphone gives ready access to important and urgent messages from your office or boss.  Email quotes for a project and get instant feedback, or deal with logistical concerns and other details without the limitations of a simple text message.


Plan Every Minute – The powerful organizer functions of the Black Berry make it practically a virtual secretary!  Use it to take notes on every important date, list, or contact in your life. You can even sync the device to your computer so your information is safe in case it gets lost or damaged.


Take Notes – Next time you’re in a conference or brainstorming session, use this smartphone's  voice recorder function. The built-in mp3 player easily allows for instant playback so you can record meetings or speak quick notes for later reference.


Tons of Applications – There are many third-party applications that can make your Black Berry golden.  For example, turn your phone into an ebook reader  with MobiPocket, or maybe your Blackberry can function as a helpful GPS device with LiveTracker.  The possibilities are endless.



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