Apple's Safari browser provides an easy way to browse the web.


Safari is a free internet browser developed by Apple for its own line of Mac computers, and is also the default browser for Apple's own iPhone. Safari has a clean, uncluttered interface that makes it easy to use for people new to browsers. It also loads quickly and doesn't put a heavy load on your system resources.


Several of Safari's useful features include tabbed browsing, automated filling of web forms, and easy drag-and-drop bookmarking. It also has a bookmark bar, where you can add several of your favorite webpages and even organize them into folders .


Even if you're a Windows user, you don't have to worry. While Safari has been developed primarily for Macs, Apple has come out with versions for Windows. If you're the type who likes a clean and uncomplicated user interface, then Safari is the browser for you.



Tips and Tricks


Drag and Drop – If you like a webpage and want to reference it for later, you can simply drag and drop the weblink to your bookmark toolbar. The toolbar will show them to you each time you start Safari.


Categorize Bookmarks – Tons of bookmarks clogging up your toolbar? Add them into specially labeled folders for easy browsing. You can categorize them according to interest, whether they're service providers, partners, information resources, and so on. A built-in search function can help you quickly jump to the bookmarks you need during your workday and beyond.


Tabbed Browsing – Apple tends to make work easier for its users. Rather than opening another Safari window, you can open a tab by hitting Ctrl-T and browse there separately. This is an easy way to research and cross-check information without cluttering up your desktop.  

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