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"This handy smartphone is almost a personal computer in the palm of your hand. Imagine how you can be productive with it at work."
The T-Mobile G1, also called the HTC Dream, is a highly popular 3G mobile phone with a myriad of useful features. 3G (3rd Generation) is a standard for devices that are simultaneously capable of voice and data transmissions, so you can have not just phone calls but wireless internet, video calls, and a whole slew of other data services.
The G1 is the first mobile phone to use Android, a Google-owned OS developed precisely for mobile devices. As the G1 is internet-capable, you can go online and send and receive email messages wherever there's a wi-fi signal. The G1 comes with its own slide-out QWERTY keyboard, letting you type messages with greater ease than an older generation mobile phone. The touchscreen allows you to click and drag items with just your finger, and the memory card lets you store downloaded files. 
So, most likely you might have one or be thinking of getting one.  So how can you use it to be more productive for work?

Tips and Tricks
The G1's strength lies in its many useful applications. Here are just a few:
Interconnectivity – Are you on Gmail, GTalk, or Google Calendar? As you are still using one account, you can access all your Google apps and update them through your G1. Even better, you can connect your corporate email by setting up its own email account on the G1. Perfect for when you're away from your work desk but still need to check emails and organize your day.
Maps and GPS - It's hard to get lost when you have a G1 handy. It comes with its own compass, access to Google Maps, and GPS (Global Positioning System), a satellite-based technology that lets you track your location anywhere in the world. Highly useful to you when you’re work has you constantly on the road for sales calls, trainings, meetings, appointments or deliveries.
Third-party Applications – Also known as Apps, are downloadable straight to your phone, and are even customizable for your business.  For example, need to compare office equipment prices on the go? CompareEverywhere searches well, everywhere, for comparison pricing and availability.  And CallACab uses GPS technology to get your location and then call a cab. Comes in handy when running late for meetings and other special events.  Third-party apps turn your smartphone into a powerful executive assistant.


See what you can do with your G1 to support your business today. 


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