External Drive

“For when you need added computer space for files, or have data that is always on the move.”


An External Drive is a hard disk that’s separate from a computer and kept in its own enclosure. These devices can be freely connected to any computer using a USB port and thus function as an extra drive for that machine.  Translation?  More storage for files to any computer.  External hard drives with lower capacities (say 100, 200, 300 Gigabytes) are powered by the machine they’re connected to.  Larger drives, like the 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes), need to be plugged into an outlet in order to function. But, boy do they function…


These days, external hard drives are also a popular way of moving data.  They can be used for storage and back-ups, but are also handy for transferring files from one computer or another.



Tips and Tricks


Moving Data – External drive capacities grow in leaps and bounds every year. No longer do you have to move files through a stack of discs. Just plug the external drive in to the computer and you can transfer files or install applications to your workstation as needed.


The Right Drive – The slim external drives, like the WD My Passport, are useful for transferring files between computers. The larger drives, like the WD MyBook, are more useful staying in the office for backing up files. In other words, get the right drive for the right purpose.


Beware of Viruses – An external drive is just as susceptible to viruses as any internal hard drive, sometimes more so given how they can be passed around from computer to computer. Regularly scan your external drive with an antivirus, and if possible, scan a computer first before plugging your drive in.


Safe Disconnecting – External hard drives are sensitive devices. Don’t just yank their plugs out when you’re done transferring data, especially if they rely on your computer for power. Always use proper commands for this.  Depending on the computer, it could be “Safely Disconnect the External Device” or “Remove Hardware” or “Eject” options.  This will prevent data corruption on your drive.  And that’s a nightmare you’ll want to avoid.


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