Microsoft Outlook

"Far from being just an email program, Microsoft Outlook is your own virtual secretary."


Microsoft Outlook is primarily an email application that comes bundled with the various versions of Microsoft Office. Over time, though, it has developed into a powerful information management tool on its own. While you can still write, send and receive emails, Outlook now lets you keep track of events on a calendar, save notes and journals, list tasks, manage contacts, and even browse online. You can also share emails and calendars with co-workers by integrating Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server.



Tips and Tricks


Email – This is still Microsoft Outlook's best feature. You can write, receive and archive emails related to your company or business.  And don’t forget that you can literally organize all old and incoming emails into Folders you can use as categories.  Also set up an Email Rule, and even incoming mail can be forced to a specific folder for more ease of information received. As always, keep your personal emails out of your office.  Outlook, as system administrators will be monitoring all your correspondences.


Contacts – Microsoft Outlook creates an incredible database for you to utilize with every single contact.  Name, Business Number, Mobile Number, Email, Fax, Address, Website, Profession, Department, Title, Photo ID, Birthday, Assistant, Notes, are all input fields to be used.  And there are more!  Plus you can Import and Export this list whenever necessary.  Then you can even put Categories and Color Tags to each contact.


Calendar – Never forget a meeting again by marking the time and place into your Outlook calendar.  You can even create multiple calendars to distinguish different schedules  such as your work schedule versus a project schedule or a production timeline schedule.  Here you can invite attendees (even straight from your Contacts), and color code items for a better visual organization of all appointments.  Also you can even use Push notifications to your mobile phone so that you can be reminded of them even while away from your computer.


Task Manager – Putting your tasks into a list is a sure way of making sure they get done. Microsoft Outlook can organize your project's tasks according to priority and deadlines. And poof, a giant, digital To-Do List.



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