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"Instant messaging becomes quick and easy with Google Talk."


Google Talk, also called GTalk, is Google's own entry into the instant messaging arena and a powerful communication tool. Through GTalk you can send an instant message to anyone who also has it installed on their computer. Like many other instant messaging programs, it features VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This is a technology that lets people transmit voices across the internet, much like with a phone.


Google Talk is free for download and install. It takes up very little hard disk space and can be minimized to a tiny icon in your taskbar. While only available for the different Windows versions, its counterpart, Google Chat, can be used for Macs and other computers.



Tips and Tricks


Instant Messaging – Google Talk offers a quick and efficient way to connect with people in your office. You can send greetings, instructions, ideas and have entire meetings, all without leaving your desk. Just make sure you're confined to chatting about business-related matters, though. Administrators have no qualms with monitoring online discussions.


Offline Messaging and Voice Mailing – Trying to chat with someone who isn't online? Just send the message anyway! GTalk will pop the message over to the user when he returns to his computer. Alternatively, you can record a voice message up to 10 minutes long.


File Transfer – GTalk not only sends instant messages and voice mail—you can use it to send files as well. Very useful for sending graphs, reports, software patches and other files without having to physically transfer it using discs or flash drives. 


Chat Log – Having trouble remembering the details of that chat with your boss? Google Talk saves your chat sessions into your Gmail account so you can view them later on. You won't have to remember conversations—simply re-read them.



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