Ted Turner

Ted Turner has a knack for making money with his ideas, and enemies with his comments.


Ted Turner has been called the “mouth of the south” for his controversial comments. Like one of the cowboys on TNT’s old movies, he comes out with “verbal guns” blazing.  Turner was born in Ohio, but his family moved to Savannah, Georgia when he was nine. When people think of him, they think of CNN, the 24-hour cable news network he founded in 1980. 


Turner had humble beginnings.  At age 24, he took over the family billboard business after his father’s suicide.  He's been building his empire ever since, even slated as having a ‘Midas touch’. He started his broadcast empire by purchasing one UHF television station and today he’s a major player in the TV industry.  People say he changed TV news with CNN’s coverage of the Challenger disaster and the Persian Gulf War. 


In 1988, Turner branched out into entertainment television with TNT (Turner Network Television) where he filled the airwaves with old movies and reruns. Today, TNT boasts the slogan ‘We Know Drama’ fostering original programming including The Closer and newly added Men of a Certain Age.


In 1996, Turner Broadcasting merged with Time Warner Cable and Turner became Vice Chairman and Head of Time Warner's cable division, holding that position for ten years.  Besides business, Turner is also known for his giving.  He once donated one billion dollars to United Nations causes.  Not one hundred thousand, not one million… one BILLION.  His extreme success in the Broadcasting industry is legendary.




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