Carl Sagan

Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works…” –Carl Sagan


There was a time in human history when knowledge was the province of the rich and powerful.  Only those born into wealth were deemed worthy of even posing the question Why? 


Dr. Carl Sagan believed just the opposite.  He made scientific knowledge available and easily understood by all.  Born in 1934, Sagan was an Astronomer, Astrophysicist and Author.  After receiving his Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics, he worked at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He became a full Professor at Cornell University in 1971 where he was Director of the Laboratory of Planetary Studies.


Early in the space program he began advising NASA and often briefed the astronauts before their flights.  One of his most memorable achievements was the Golden Records containing greetings in every human language, which were sent out with the Voyager space probes in 1977.  He is probably best remembered for his award-winning 1980 T. V. series Cosmos, which was seen by 500 million people in 60 countries. He lived his life by the belief that, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”




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