Linda Kaplan Thaler

A Totally Organic Experience
Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO of the advertising agency The Kaplan Thaler Group, spent the 1970’s working as an Actor, Musician and Stand-up Comedian before turning to Advertising.  And she never lost that sense of humor. You see it best in some of the most well known commercials on tv and radio.
Toys 'R' Us’s "I Don't Want to Grow Up" jingle familiar?  Thaler’s work from her early Advertising years with the J. Walter Thompson.  She also held the role of Executive Creative Director at Wells Rich Greene Ad Agency in 1994 before breaking out on her own in 1997.
Thaler’s agency also created the Herbal Essence "Totally Organic Experience" campaign.  You remember?  The, 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' commercials featuring women in the throes of organic/orgasmic pleasure over their shampoos.  Then in 1999, her agency created a simple commercial featuring a noisy duck with a weird quack for a then, little known insurance company called, Aflac.  Aflac is since, one of the largest insurance companies around.
Today, although the Publicis Groupe purchased Thaler’s Kaplan Thaler Group Ad Agency in 1999, she still runs its creative aspects as CEO and Chief Creative Officer. Also Thaler makes a number of appearances and has co-authored three books, including “Bang!” and also “The Power of Nice” all about “how to conquer the business world with kindness.” 




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