Steve Jobs

The Little Apple That Could…


Ever wonder what computers will be like in fifty years?  Steve Jobs very likely already knows.


Steve Jobs, co-Founder and current CEO of Apple Computers, is one of the most creative visionaries of our time, pioneering the graphical user interfaces that have changed the world of personal computing. 


Jobs went to Reed College in Oregon in 1972, but dropped out after one semester.  From there he went to California and worked for the popular game company of the day, Atari, as a Technician. 


As the 1970s was a time when most computers were huge bulky affairs, Steve Jobs, and co-Founder Steve Wozniak, were tackling the problem introducing some of the first personal computers.  In 1976, they founded Apple Computers, and by 1984, Apple introduced the Mac, changing personal computing forever. 


But sailing has not always been smooth for Jobs or Apple. He resigned in 1985 and started NeXT, a company that targeted the scientific and academic communities.  In a twist of fate Apple bought out NeXT and Jobs returned to his initial company, becoming Apple’s CEO.


Later, in 1986, Jobs purchased Pixar, which went on to create amazing animated films in conjunction with Walt Disney Studios.  Recent films include Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, WALL-E and Up, which all received Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature.


Today, Jobs and Apple have become the biggest player in the world of consumer electronics with their popular iPod personal music player and the iPhone.  Content access and licensing of music, tv, film, electronic books and more have skyrocketed Apple’s download software, iTunes.


Also in 2005 Pixar and Disney negotiated a contract that gave Jobs seven percent of the Disney Company, making him the largest single shareholder and giving him a seat on the Board of Directors.  Jobs received the National Medal of Technology in 1985. In 2007, Fortune named him the Most Powerful Person in Business.  In 2009, the magazine named him CEO of the decade.


Jobs has also been listed in Forbes’ Most Powerful People.




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