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Tech Savvy professionals are skilled and proficient in technology in order to excel at work.  They have a firm handle on basic technology where they can type fast, send a fax, send and receive emails, manage their schedules electronically, surf and research the internet, and keep up with any basic office equipment and software.  All with the goal of constantly increasing work productivity and efficiency.  As a tech savvy professional, they can create and manipulate documents of all kinds especially with the office favorites of the Microsoft Suite or Apple iWork programs.  Spreadsheets, documents, tables, charts and presentations are the easily known tasks.  However, understanding how to create those things into functional portfolios, marketing materials, plus smart and multimedia documents is a far more advanced asset of the tech savvy professional.


In addition, the “savvy” also comes from the advanced knowledge of software, hardware, and online platforms plus the mindset of understanding how they all work together.  Instead of resisting changing technology, they embrace it, learn to use it, and benefit from being on the cutting edge.  They are knowledgeable and proactive in being able to troubleshoot equipment and understand logic behind any computer or computer software failure.


Not to mention keeping up with the latest and greatest on the technology horizon with learning new applications in the arena such as social marketing platforms like Twitter or Facebook.  And of course the tech savvy professional is also well versed on the advent of PDA’s and other mobile devices as vital to any industry professional.  They are knowledgeable in using these devices to check email, manage projects, communicate with team members, and keep track of scheduled tasks, all on the go. The tech savvy professional is therefore the modern professional.



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