The Multi-Tasker is a high energy professional who works on several tasks at once in order to finish them quickly and efficiently.  To be successful, give individual tasks their full attention for a short period, then move on to another.  Highlight while the copier is copying, take a phone call while emailing, drop off the report on the way to the meeting, take inventory while grabbing some more office supplies, chew gum while walking! Just seeing if you were paying attention.


Multitasking also relies heavily on other job skills such as time management and dedication.  It often requires careful planning for proper execution.  Also a good multitasker makes good of a smart “To Do” List of daily tasks constantly using and updating it to keep track of their progress.  In addition, good multitaskers are careful not to get overwhelmed trying to do too much at the same time.  When an extra difficult task needs proper attention, the multitasking professional realizes the importance of pausing other activities for the necessary focus.


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