“…we need someone here who is reliable….”


Reliability hands down sets a true professional apart from their average coworkers.  Being reliable means that you do not need to be micromanaged; you finish your tasks on time and finish satisfactorily.  Reliable professionals can be counted on to consistently deliver quality work.  Persistence pushes them to complete tasks on time and without cutting corners.  They are ethical workers who are trustworthy and honest.   They do not make unrealistic claims or promises about what they can do.


More importantly, at the very basic level of being a reliable worker, they show up on time every time.  Late and absent are not within their comprehension.  Their attendance to the job and at necessary functions, events, meetings, appearances all are met.  This shows a commitment and dedication to the company.  And when supervisors are considering who to promote, a reliable worker who always produces quality work is going to get the most attention.



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