Team Player

“…everybody pitches in here… we are a group of team players here… we need someone who is a team player”


Team Players are professionals who work well with others and promote group success in the workplace.  They are supportive and respectful of coworkers, offering assistance whenever they can.  They are able to master this offering of help without making others feel belittled or as if vying for their job.  Their communication and work relationship skills are excellent, and they are good listeners.


Working on a team also requires flexibility and problem solving.  When disagreements or opposing points of view have the potential of becoming confrontational, a team player can listen patiently and diffuse the situation.  In addition, a smart team player knows their own personality and skills in a group dynamic and uses it to the team’s advantage.  They know that their colleagues rely on them, so they make a determined effort to be on schedule and produce high quality work.  Team players are highly valued in any workplace.



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