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Welcome to Ground Level Star’s Resource page...with TV in mind.

With fun in mind, this section will point you to the latest and greatest, television shows relating in some way to work and worklife.  Just another point of view...


Ugly Betty
Network: ABC   2006 - Present   "New York, NY"
Betty as a Personal Assistant, rising in the world of a high fashion magazine.

The Office
Network: NBC, TBS, more...      
Typical office workers, entry level and the like, all engaged in workday activities of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, tedium and complete ridiculousness.

Network: USA, NBC, more...   2002-2009   
Natalie Teeger as Monk's Assistant. Quite a challenge to the ever-phobic detective, played by Tony Shaloub.

The Assistants
Network: The N      

Drop Dead Diva
Network: Lifetime   2009   
Margaret Cho as a Legal Assistant.

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