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Welcome to Ground Level Star’s Resource page...with Books in mind.

With practicality in mind, this section will help you find helpful and interesting Books on industry professions and professionals, job help and career advice needed to accomplish a job well done.

The Valuable Office Professional
By Michelle Burke   1996
How to develop the assistant-boss relationship into a true partnership.

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The Entry-Level Life
By Dan Zevin   1994
A complete guide to masquerading as a member of the real world.

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
By Stephen R. Covey   Rev 2004
Learn smart habits that keep you on your toes.

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Cool Careers For Dummies
By Marty Nemko, PhD   Rev 2007
Find the career that suits your talents.

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By Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval w/ Delia Marshall   2003
Linda Kaplan Thaler's look into the art of advertising.

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Me 2.0
By Dan Schawbel   2009
Build a powerful brand to achieve career sucess.

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Success Is Not An Accident
By Tommy Newberry   1999
Change your choices, change your life.

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Think Big
By Ben Carson, M.D.   Rev 2005
Unleashing your potential for excellence.

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