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Full Name: Aprile C.

Gender: Female

Work Industry: Broadcasting | Journalism | Media

Current Job: Production Assistant

Location: Fort Lauderdale - Miami, FL

First Kid Job: Soccer Camp Assistant

First Real Job: Administrative Assistant - Principal's Office

Bio: Creative Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, Music Lover and Facilitator, Photographer, World Traveler.

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?: Happy.

Interests: Music, movies, relaxation, tennis, cooking, eating, reading, going out, staying in, travel, foreign languages, activism, Carnival!, writing stories, crossword puzzles, biking, being in good company, information, business and entrepreneurship, career information and life purpose

Career Ambitions: On Air Personality, Yoga Studio Owner, Entrepreneur!!!

Life Ambitions: Family Woman, Successful Business Owner, Travel the World!, Run A Marathon, Be Happy!

Other Info:

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