Investment Banker

Industry: Accounting & Finance

Think you know where to invest... Are you skilled in mathematics? Would you be comfortable giving financial advice that could either make or break a large corporation or local government?

Investment Bankers fulfill the important job of helping companies and governments raise funds. They do this by advising the companies and governments as to which securities they should invest in, then collect a fee in exchange for the service. Their responsibilities include research aspects similar to those that Financial Analysts perform.  Also duties include the buy, selling, and trading of financial instruments, helping governments and corporations issue bonds, and protecting clients from unnecessary financial risk.

While the career requires a minimum of a four-year college degree in Accounting, Business or Finance, many companies require their Investment Bankers to have a graduate level degree in a related business field. Many Investment Bankers begin their careers as Financial Analysts and some have worked as CPAs before. Investment Bankers yield high salaries and flourish in the excitement of this powerful  industry.

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