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For those who can advise…Would you be comfortable overseeing the day-to-day Accounting operations of a company? Would the responsibility of ensuring compliance with generally accepted accounting principles be something that you would be interested in? How about helping small businesses improve their bottom line and large businesses stay on target with quarterly goals?

Accountants and CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) work for individuals, businesses of all sizes, and governments. Because of the large number of responsibilities and the flexibility that CPAs have, many specialize in different aspects of the Accounting industry. Their basic duties include handling and preparing financial and tax statements. In larger companies, they oversee teams of Book Keepers, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Personnel. In smaller companies, and working for individuals, duties include preparing tax statements, performing audits, and financial forecasting like giving financial advice and guidance to improve profits for financing future operations.

To be a CPA, a four-year college degree in Accounting is required. Passing a state administered CPA exam is also necessary, as is a period of on the job experience under an established CPA.

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