Industry: Accounting & Finance

If you pride yourself on your integrity and industriousness… Would you like to help design and implement the fiscal controls and policies for companies? Interested in helping with internal audits? Are you a highly responsible and motivated individual?

Controllers (also known as Comptrollers or Finance Controllers) are executives who oversee the Accounting and Finance departments in their company. The responsibilities of a Controller include preparing quarterly and annual Accounting reports both for internal and external use  These reports are then used for reviewing other financial reports and ensuring the rest of the company’s adherence to strict Accounting practices.   These practices usually are part of the Controller’s responsibilities including their implementation and maintenance of past and future financial records. While Controllers have a wide range of duties, their most important one is ensuring company compliance to standard Accounting practices and policies. They are the “financial police” of their company.

A four-year college degree in Accounting is a requisite to become a Controller. A graduate level degree in Accounting is also beneficial as is industry experience. Besides the educational and work requirements, knowledge of computerized accounting systems is also highly necessary.

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