Chief Financial Officer

Industry: Accounting & Finance

For the “big cheeses”… Do you juggle numbers and figures in your sleep? Are you prepared to be in the Accounting and Finance field for the long haul? Can you handle the responsibility of an entire company’s income and expense flow?

A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is the executive who is ultimately responsible for all of the financial decisions at their company. Reporting directly to the company’s CEO and board of directors (depending on the company size), he or she delegates tasks to the Controller and CPAs. The CFO is also responsible for approving their company’s financial information and signs off on it before submitting it to investors and ultimately the government. In addition, CFOs oversee the planning of the company’s long-term financial health.

A four-year is a prerequisite to become a CFO, along with years of experience in the Accounting and Finance industries. Most CFOs also hold graduate level degrees in general business, Finance and Accounting. Many CFOs began their corporate careers as CPAs or Controllers. The career is pays extremely well, and is enjoyable for those who can handle the responsibility.

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