Finance Analyst

Industry: Accounting & Finance

If you know how to research…  Are you comfortable interviewing business executives? Can you reliably provide accurate, honest assessments of the financial worth of companies? Are spreadsheets and mathematical calculations the name of your game?

Financial Analysts spend the majority of their time pouring over the financial statements of companies. There are both internal and external Financial Analysts and their duties, while nearly identical, are differentiated by if they analyze the worth of their own company or other companies respectfully. Their duties include making formal reports and recommendations to their companies and the firms that their companies work for, offering advice to business executives, and recommending to stock brokers how companies may perform in coming years.

A four-year college degree is normally a requirement for the position, and Financial Analysts often hold a graduate level degree.  Often, Financial Analysts begin their careers in other positions in the Accounting and Finance field. The career is well suited to those who excel in mathematics.

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