Book Keeper

Industry: Accounting & Finance

If you like to keep track… Are you comfortable having the responsibility of tracking large numbers of financial transactions? Are you reliable? Does the idea of juggling numbers appeal to you?

Book Keepers perform a wide variety of tasks oriented around keeping complete records of all of the financial transactions that occur throughout the day in a business. These transactions include but are not limited to income, sales, purchases and expenses. Bookeepers may gather employee wages from records or time cards, prepare checks for payment of wages, or calculate withholding, social security and other tax reports.

Companies place a great deal of trust and responsibility in their Book Keepers as mistakes in the financial records can be difficult to find and may place the company in the position of an expensive, time-consuming audit.  

As with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Personnel, these positions require either an Accounting degree or sufficient experience to help an inexperienced job candidate land their first job. Experienced Bookkeepers may rise to become Financial Analysts or CPAs with a degree and certificate.

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