Accounts Receivable/Payable

Industry: Accounting & Finance

For those who can strictly follow procedures… Are you trustworthy? Can you keep strict written records and follow procedures? Are you looking for a career in the Accounting and Finance industries?

Functionally, a company’s Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are very similar. Employees in both positions are responsible for ensuring that financial paperwork related to billing (the bills themselves and the payments) are processed and filed in a timely manner. Accounts Receivable personnel generate invoices, send them to the company’s customers, and then process the payments. Accounts Payable personnel perform the reverse. They receive invoices from companies that their employer owes and then pay them. They may also gather employee wages from records or time cards, prepare checks for payment of wages, or calculate withholding, social security and other tax reports.

These positions require either an Accounting degree or sufficient experience to start.  In addition, computer proficiency and a knowledge of accounting software such as Quickbooks or TaxPro is highly necessary.  Both positions can lead to a future positions as Bookeeper or with a degree and certificate, a hired CPA.

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