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So you think you have a story… Are you creative? Do you understand what makes a good drama or comedy or action story?  Are you able to create characters, environments and storylines?  Can you play on human emotion with a stroke of your pen?  Can you write it all cohesively into a screenplay?

Screenwriters create screenplays for movies and television. As an essential part of the Film industry, Screenwriters sell their screenplays to studios or revise already written screenplays to make them more commercially appealing.  Sometimes they are recruited to turn successful books into screenplays.  The job sometimes involves long hours but can be very financially rewarding. This highly competitive career requires strong writing skills and storytelling ability.

While no prior experience is required to sell a screenplay to a studio, having a track record of successful screenplays is very helpful. Often, the only difference between a screenplay that is bought and a screenplay that is never considered is who the Screenwriter knows. This is why having a job in the Film industry as a Production Assistant while trying to sell your screenplay is a path that many aspiring Screenwriters choose.  And once sold, the hard work can be very rewarding.

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