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The big shots…  Think you have a story? Think you can pitch that story idea to a group of investors?  Can you handle the pressures of then seeing that story from beginning to end through proper funding, casting and direction to become a profitable film?

Ultimately responsible for the movies that they create, Producers are direct the Directors. While the Director handles the actual shooting of the movie, the Producer is busy ensuring that it stays within budget and has the prospects of being a blockbuster hit.  Often one movie has multiple Producers in order to pool resources and gather in collaboration.

After choosing a story, the Producer will hire key personnel including the Director, Director of Photography, Casting Director and Editor. They then begin to acquire financing for the Film and discuss their plans with the Director. While the Director has a large range of creative control, the Producer can fire any of these key personnel if the Film strays away from being commercially viable.

A college degree is not explicitly a requirement to be a Producer, but knowledge of finance, budget and fundraising is essential. Not to mention having a strong list of powerful, rich contacts.  Often, a Producer will have other Film experiences before they acquire the financial resources and pull to be able to draw investors to their projects. Producing can be a stressful job, but it can also be highly rewarding.

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