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If you can put all the pieces of the puzzle together…  Are you a master with the computer?  Have you always been able to weave many elements together into something coherent? Are you able to piece together a story using audio, video, special effects and the like?

Editors are ultimately responsible for weaving together the different shots that Directors have created during Filming.  They are responsible for putting it all together into a coherent and compelling story.  The Editor has a difficult job as many shots are often ultimately left out of a finished Film to improve pacing, maintain consistency, and to preserve quality. Working closely with the Producer, the Director and Director of Photography, they often spend considerably longer editing the Film than the Director spent shooting it.  Editors are therefore extremely hard working and have to know the latest editing softwares, and be able to master them to manipulation to produce the final product, a film releasable for the big screen.

As with most careers in Film, a college degree is not a strict requirement but technical skills and knowing various editing and graphic softwares is a must. Editing is an arduous process, but the satisfaction from stitching a movie together hundreds or thousands of different shots is undeniable.

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