Production Assistant

Industry: Film

For the energized go-getters…  Need a start in the film industry?  Think you have the energy to be the glorified gopher?  Are you able to handle being the “action!” caller on the set one moment, and then be delivering scripts in the next? Do you have what it takes to manage the finicky, pampered natures of on set Film personnel?

Depending on what type of production is being filmed, Production Assistants have a wide range of responsibilities. Usually the hardest part is being able to keep up.  Between calling out “rolling” and “cut,” answering phones, making sure that everyone on set has everything needed for a productive day, and sometimes helping the Electrics and cameramen, they often work long hours. However, the job allows P.A.’s to become intimately familiar with all aspects of the Film industry.

A strong work ethic is the most essential component for an aspiring Production Assistant. The job can be difficult, but some who work hard and build relationships within the industry can eventually move into other careers such as Screenwriter.  Most successful Film Directors and Producers started as a PA.

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