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If you are good mechanically inclined and understand how everything fits together… Need a start in the film industry?  Think you have the energy to be at the center of the action on the Film set. Not as an Actor, but by securing the success of the production by setting up and securing the cameras and props and working with the Electrics?

Grips handle the equipment on set and are responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone else. As Film sets can be dangerous places if lights, weights, wiring, cameras and other equipment are not safely secured, it is the job of the Grips to attach them and make them safe. Attaching cameras and lights for moving and driving shots is another job of the Grip. They also fulfill the important function of modifying the lighting on set for certain shots by reducing the brightness of lights with gel attachments and the like.

It would be impossible to make any Film without the hard working Grips ready to go.  Often, requirements simply include an understanding of basic film equipment and electric wiring, and being able to lift over 50 pounds.  Being a Grip is very hard work, but can be a very rewarding start in the Film industry.

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