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For those who know their lighting…  Do you enjoy lighting? It might sound like a strange question, but think about it. Can you grasp the concept of bringing the right shadows, colors and tones to the focal point or person on a stage or set?  Could you enjoy routing the electric inputs and otputs to all the needed places of a set?

Electricians also known as 'Electrics' ( or Film lighting technicians) are responsible for all of the electrical wiring and lighting on Film sets. Working closely with the Director and the Grips, they coordinate all the lighting activities to ensure that the lighting is even, at the right intensity and correctly angled for each shot. They also are responsible for maintaining the set’s electrical generators and the wiring and lighting for the non-filming areas around the set such as the trailers.

A college degree is not a requirement to be an Electric, but knowledge about basic film equipment and electric wiring is needed.  Often, the job leads to a position as a Grip.

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