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So you want to be the big cheese, the one who is responsible for making or breaking a company and their Sales efforts? The company cannot move units without Sales and when it comes to Sales, you are the one that they turn to. Everything the company does hinges on whether or not you and your team can sell it, quickly and consistently. The pressure is almost as high as the stakes, but it is simply what you do as the Vice President of Sales.

This position is at the top of the Sales world. Its responsibilities are everything Sales related. This includes choosing which Sales Managers manage which regions, who gets promoted, and what their targets and goals should be. What differentiates a National Sales Manager and the Vice President of Sales, is that the National Sales Manager is responsible for implementing the ideas of the Vice President of Sales. They provide the feedback to the Advertising and Marketing experts on how well the marketing campaign is going and how it can be modified to be more effective for the sales teams.

A college degree is a requirement for the job and often a graduate degree, such as an MBA. Years of Sales experience in the specific field of business of their company is vital. As it is the highest position within Sales, the financial rewards are quite high. Not for the faint at heart, the career of a Vice President of Sales can be full of difficulties. However, for many individuals who have the job, there is nothing that they would rather be doing.

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