Regional Sales Manager

Industry: Sales

For those who can lead and delegate…

If you are not satisfied just dealing with a single set of clients, then how about being responsible for the satisfaction of all of them in a wide region? Toss in a dedicated team of support staff to delegate responsibility and goals to. Then, add in the pressures and rewards of being responsible for the success of your company in your region. Sound fun? You might be just the sort of person who is cut out to be a Regional Sales Manager.

As a Regional Sales Manager, you would be responsible the performance of sales teams across a large section of the country. You would also set goals and strategies for General Sales Managers in your region to implement for their teams. Another necessary part of the job is analyzing the business plans and strategies of your competitors in the region and modifying your company’s national Advertising and Marketing plans to be effective for you area.

As with the position of General Sales Manager, a four-year college degree is most often a requirement for the position of Regional Sales Manager but years of experience can be a substitute for some companies. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential, as is knowledge of Advertising and Marketing. A history of strong Sales performance and the ability to inspire are vital. While the job has long hours and can be high pressure, may individuals thrive and find it a rewarding, well paying career.

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