National Sales Manager

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For the goal setters and target breakers…

National Sales Manager meet new people every day.  They lead teams of motivated Sales Managers both in general sales and regional sales strategies of their company.  Traveling to trade shows and conferences, meeting and talking to industry leaders (or the most enthusiastic of consumers, depending on what you sell) about how their products and services are the best in the world. Never a boring career, the position of National Sales Manager is a difficult but satisfying position.

National Sales Managers work closely with their company’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing team, and Advertising team to develop their sales strategies and goals that their Regional Sales Managers then implement in their regions. As they are responsible for the performance of their Regional Sales Mangers, the ability to communicate clear targets and strategies is essential for success. As they often are the ones who set the pricing for each region and determine how Advertising dollars are spent, a strong foundation in business is necessary along with years of Sales experience.

Due to the additional business tasks that a National Sales Manager is required to perform, a four-year college degree is a requirement for the position in addition to a graduate degree, often an M.B.A. While the work is long and strenuous, it is also very financially rewarding. Some National Sales Managers eventually become Vice President of Sales for their companies or even President of their company.

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