General Sales Manager

Industry: Sales

For those who know how to motivate…General Sales Mangers have to motivate their team.  The job combines the best aspects of selling, business analysis and. The job of a General Sales Manager takes hard work and dedication to achieve, but the rewards can easily more than make up for the effort.

General Sales Managers perform the vital functions of delegating businesses and/or geographic areas for their salespeople to target, and set goals to.  Overall, they have to motivate their Sales teams for high performance with strong selling strategies.

A four-year college degree is largely a requirement.  In addition, years of experience and high performance records are vital. Knowledge of statistics and business-based mathematics plus a firm foundation in communication skills is essential. Experience in Advertising and Marketing can be very helpful as General Sales Managers often have to implement their companies Advertising and Marketing plans in their specific areas and coordinate them with their salespeople.

As the General Sales Manager is solely responsible for the performance of his or her Sales team, it can be a stressful job. Long hours and travel are inevitable. However, the many times, six figure salaries, and ability to lead are far rewarding.  

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