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For those just starting out…

So you want to get your foot in the door of the highly competitive field of Sales, but you have never sold before and have little applicable experience. What you need is a job that allows you to gain experience in the field and is attainable even without any. This is where the Sales Assistant fits into the Sales picture.

As a Sales Assistant, you would be responsible for helping with the activities of the rest of the Sales team in the office. This includes scheduling meetings, making calls, sending emails, pulling and maintaining budget reports, setting up industry conference attendance and helping with presentations. Maintaining your company’s current client relationships and helping to negotiate prices are also an essential part of the Sales Assistant’s responsibilities.

A college degree is not a requirement the job and there is ample room for promotion within the Sales industry to the position of Sales Trainee or Account Executive and eventually into the management careers. If you eventually decide that Sales is not the career for you, the experience afforded by the Sales Assistant job can also be used to land a job in the Advertising and Marketing fields.

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