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Trainees are recruited by companies and groomed to excel at entry level to management positions.  Sales Trainees, are the same.  They are groomed to generate revenue by learning client relations and learning how to sell the companies products.

While a Sales Trainee has a broad range of responsibilities, he or she often assists an experienced Account Executive and others around the office with their duties. This gives the Sales Trainee the experience necessary for promotion to other positions within the company. Phone calls to potential and existing clients often make up a considerable portion of the day and while they can be tiring, they give the Sales Trainee the experience and confidence to learn how to close deals in person.

A college degree is not normally necessary for the job. Employers are most focused on making sure potential Sales Trainees have the dedication and work ethic that is necessary for success. As the position naturally leads to other well-paying careers within the field of Sales such as an Account Executive.  The hard work required is simply considered a part of proving yourself and your ability.

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