Account Executive

Industry: Sales

For the motivated and personable… Account Executives are outgoing, personable, and capable of handling a great deal of pressure. They have to learn the art of “persuasion” and be able to have the skills to sell anything.  Therefore client management is their expertise.

As an Account Executive in the Sales industry, you would be responsible for contacting businesses that would have an interest in purchasing your company’s products. After drawing up marketing materials and formulating a presentation, you then meet with the potential new client and convince them that your company’s products and services would best fit their needs at a price that is acceptable for both parties.  

Once the sale is completed, you will need to spend almost as much time as you do contacting new clients as you do keeping in touch with old and current ones. Companies will often make repeat purchases and you always have to be ready to keep your clients happy and out of the hands of your competitors.

To be an Account Executive, a four-year college degree is often a requirement, but sometimes several years of experience is acceptable.  Motivation, strong communication skills, and the ability to sell are the most important attributes for any Account Executive. If you are successful in the position, there is often room for promotion.

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